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PROGRAMINO IDE - Open Headerfiles (libraries)

Opening Arduino™ libraries (header files) is very useful when going deeper into programming Arduino™ code.
In the original Arduino™ IDE, searching and opening the library code is very cumbersome.

In the Programino IDE, you just have to put the cursor on the <header file> and right-click to select "Open: xxx".
The library is then opened and you can also see all the associated files in the Explorer.

If several libraries are found, e.g. if they were installed for different boards, a list of the Arduino™ libraries found is displayed.
Double-click on the desired Arduino™ library to open it.

  • Open the selected header file.

  • If several identical libraries were found, a message is displayed and the libraries found are shown in a selection list.

  • Double-click (left mouse button) to open the desired Arduino™ library.

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