Alternative IDE for Arduino - Programino IDE for Arduino

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Programino is an alternative and comfortable easy-to-use IDE for the Arduinoand compatible microcontroller plattforms. Use all Arduino compatible plattforms and boards such as (Portenta, Teensy©, Espressif ESP8266, ESP32, Controllino©, Seeed, Sparkfun, ARM boards, Adafruite boards, etc.)

IDE for Arduino

Preferred Coding languages

  • Preferred language is C, C++, C Header, HTML & HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, Text-Files.
  • For all these languages is also syntax highlighting & code autocomplete supported.

Custom Syntax Highlighting

  • Customize your IDE and share the style with other users. Programino has a import/export function for schemes.
  • Programino supports dynamic syntax highlighting for user-variables.

Code Autocompletion, Snippets and Hints

  • This feature makes coding fast and easy.
  • Dynamic code completion with hints.
  • Frequently used commands can be accessed via snippets.
  • General information (hints) about the commands help you for faster programming.


  • Mouseover tooltips shows you information about commands, functions and defines.

Code Folding

  • Code folding makes it more manageable.
  • It is also possible folding individual areas.

  Easy Error Tracking

  • Is an error in the program, Progamino displays an error list.
  • Double-click on the error and Programino will jump to the error.

  Serial Debugger

  • Absolute easy to use serial Debugger.
  • Set Breakpoints.
  • Watch Variables.
  • Not extra hardware required.

  Code Snippets

  • With code snippets you can save parts of the programme for reuse.



  • So you can quickly find often used code sections (also between different files).
  • Bookmarks are saved.

Find and Replace

  • Advanced search and replace function with regex option.


  • Advanced fast reference search function.

Quick Search and Marker

  • Show search results with marker.

Open Header Files

  • Open quickly a included header file.

IDE Configuration

  • Easy IDE configuration.

Libraries Manager

  • Easy libraries import and download.

Project Explorer

  • Quickly open and add files to your project.

File Explorer

  • Quickly open and add files to your project.
  • Programino automatically searches for and lists the installed libraries.
  • Custom paths and sketchbooks can be added manually.

Object Explorer

  • Find functions quickly in your program.

Use the Arduino™ IDE Board configuration for 3rd party Boards

  • This option allows you to use all installed boards in the Arduino IDE. The advantage is that Programino remains 100% compatible to all Arduino™ IDEs.

Hardware Viewer

  • So you always have an overview of your Arduino™ boards when programming.


3x UART Terminals

  • With the terminal you can communicate with the boards.
  • Baudrate between 300 and 250.000 Baud.
  • Representation of the values in ASCII, HEX, BYTE and BIN.
  • Open a serial terminal log file.
  • Save a serial terminal log file.
  • #Home, #Save, #Clear - commands to control the terminal similar as a VT100 terminal.
  • Save the input as file or picture.

Value Converter

  • With this converter you can fast convert different values.

LCD Designer

  • You can define your own character and insert it easy as an array in your code.

 Color Selector

  • Easy RGB-Color selector for RGB-LEDs applications.

Programino Lab

  • Turn your Arduino into a measuring station for your laboratory.
  • Voltage autoscale.
  • Logger function.
  • Serial communication
  • Analog gauges (analog input).
  • Digital mutlimeter (analog input).
  • Analog plotter (analog input).
  • LEDs (digital input).
  • Digital Button (digital port).
  • Analog slider (analog port - PWM).

Serial Oscilloscope

  • With the analog oscilloscopee you can graphically represent measurements.
  • Serial communication.
  • Up to 4 channel.
  • Voltage or RAW values.
  • Zoom and offset function.
  • Measurement function (time and value).

Project Export

  • For boards that are not yet supported, you can use the export function.
  • Easy one click export to Arduino™ IDE.
  • This feature is ideal for Arduino™ IDE versions that no command line support function have.
  • Ideal for older Arduino™ projects (Arduino™ IDE less 1.6 and *.pde files).

 Arduino™ Libraries

  • Use all Arduino™ libraries in Programino.
  • Programino automatically search the installed Arduino™ libraries.
  • Install a new library with the original Arduino™ IDE (this is then available in the Programino IDE).
  • Use all Arduino™ libraries such as (Keyboard, Mouse, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Controllino, Servo, SD, etc.)

HTML5 Web-Editor for IoT Web-Applications

  • For IoT/Web applications Programino IDE has a HTML editor and support HTML5.
  • For a better design use the Bootstrap helper.

File and Text Compare

  • Compare two files or copy and paste test.

And many more...

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