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Programino is an alternative comfortable and easy-to-use IDE for the Arduino/Genuino or or compatible microcontroller boards.

IDE Arduino alternatif - Εναλλακτικό IDE του Arduino - 얼터너티브 IDE의 대안 - Альтернативная среда разработки Arduino - Alternativní Arduino IDE - Альтэрнатыўны Arduino IDE - Alternativa Arduino IDE

PROGRAMINO supports the following coding languages and files

  • Arduino/Genuino (preferred language), C, C++, C Header, HTML & HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, Text-Files.
  • For all these languages is also syntax highlighting & code autocomplete supported.

Custom Syntax-Highlighting and Syntax-Style

  • Customize your IDE and share the style with other users. Programino has a import/export function for schemes.
  • Programino supports dynamic syntax highlighting for user-variables.

Code Autocompletion, Snippets and Information "hints"

  • This feature makes coding fast and easy.
  • Frequently used commands can be accessed via snippets.
  • General information (Hints) about the commands help you for faster programming.

Code Folding

  • Code folding makes it more manageable.
  • With a button in the toolbar, can all be folded or unfolded.
  • It is also possible folding individual areas.


  • So you can quickly find often used code sections (also between different files).

Find & Replace

  • Advanced search and replace function with regex option.


  • Advanced fast reference search function.

Simple IDE and Editor Configuration

  • Basic editor settings.

  • Font, color and IDE scheme settings.

  • Customize your default template.

  • Arduino verify and upload settings.

  • Configer your own user board (Teensy, eHajo, Atmel, Pretzel board etc.) or use a external programmer.

Project Explorer

  • Quickly open and add files to your project.

Object Explorer

  • Find functions quickly in your program.

Hex-File Extraction for Production

  • Extract and stores the HexFile.
  • This Hex-File can be transferred with AVRDUDE or other Arduino bootloader tool on a board with a Arduino bootloader.

Hardware Viewer

  • So you always have an overview of your Arduino and Genuino boards when programming.


2x UART-Terminals

  • With the terminal you can communicate with the Arduino and Genuino boards.
  • Baudrate between 300 and 250.000 Baud.
  • Representation of the values in ASCII, HEX, BYTE and BIN.
  • Open a serial terminal log file.
  • Save a serial terminal log file.
  • #Home, #Save, #Clear - commands to control the terminal similar as a VT100 terminal.

Value Converter

  • With this converter you can fast convert different values.

Dot-Matrix LCD-Designer

  • You can define your own character and insert it easy as an array in your code.

 RGB-LED Color Selector

  • Easy RGB-Color selector for RGB-LEDs.


  • To be able to take notes about the project.

Serial Analog Plotter

  • With the analog plotter you can graphically represent measurements.

Export Function to Arduino IDE

  • For boards that are not yet supported, you can use the export function.
  • This feature is ideal for Arduino IDE versions that no command line support function have.
  • Ideal for older Arduino projects (Arduino IDE less 1.6 and *.pde files).

 Use all Arduino libraries

  • Programino automatically matches the installed Arduino libraries.
  • Install a new library with the original Arduino IDE (this is then available in the Programino IDE).
  • Use all Arduino libraries such as (ESP8266, Controllino, Intel Curie - Genuino 101, MPU6050, ARM boards, SHT11, eHajo boards ect.)

HTML5 Web-Editor for IoT with Arduino/Genuino

  • For IoT applications Programino IDE has a HTML editor and support HTML5.

  • Make your own IoT application with Programino IDE.

For a full list of technical specification click here
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