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PROGRAMINO IDE - ESP8266 / NodeMCU "Verify and Upload"

With the Programino standard settings an error occurs when compiling and uploading the ESP8266 / NodeMCU.

Verify code please wait...
Loading configuration...
						Initializing packages...
						Preparing boards...
						Traceback (most recent call last):
						  File "C:\Users\UlliS\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\3.0.2/tools/", line 211, in <module>
						  File "C:\Users\UlliS\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\3.0.2/tools/", line 183, in main
						    out=args.out, eboot=args.eboot,
						  File "D:\obj\Windows-Release\37win32_Release\msi_python\zip_win32\", line 19, in encode
						UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode character '\u2122' in position 74: character maps to <undefined>
						exit status 1

The error is in the CLI of the Arduino IDE.

Therefore activate in the Programino Settings under the TAB "Arduino (2)" Verbose output by verify and upload.

After that the problem should be solved.

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