Programio-ide-arduino-Installation - Programino IDE for Arduino

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PROGRAMINO IDE - Installation

  • Run the setup file "programino-arduino-ide-setup.exe".

Select Setup Language
  • German or English and click "OK".

Read the License Agreement
  • If you agree, please select "I accept the agreement" and click "Next".
  • If you do not agree're exit the program with "Cancel".

Select Destination Location
  • Choose the installation directory.
  • Recommend is (C:\Program Files (x86)\PROGRAMINO).
  • Click "Next".

Select Start Menu Folder
  • The folder Programino is recommend.
  • Click "Next".

Select Additional Tasks
  • Create a desktop icon?
  • Click "Next".

Installation is complete!
  • Now you can run Programino IDE.

After start PROGRAMINO the Activation Process is starting
  • This form is no longer displayed after the purchase of a License-Key.

1.) User name (only by activation).
2.) Email address (only by activiation).
3.) License-Key (only by activation).
4.) Buy a License-Key (With this link you get to the purchase page).
5.) Choose this option if you have a license key.
6.) Choose if you want this option PROGRAMINO IDE free trial (14 days).
8.) Contact and help link.

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