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PROGRAMINO IDE - Serial Terminal
  • With the terminal you can communicate with the Arduino, Genuino or other microcontroller boards.
  • Programino IDE has two independent terminals.
  • The serial terminals have a simple logging function.

1.) Connect and Disconnect to the Arduino board.
2.) Reset the Arduino board (restart).
3.) Top Most (the terminal is always in the foreground).
4.) Select the comport to connect with the Arduino board.
5.) Select the baudrate (300 to 250.000 Baud).
6.) Open the Log-Folder (In this folder, the logs are saved).
7.) Save the terminal content.
8.) Terminal window.
9.) Clear the terminal window.
10.) Change the output representation (Ascii, Hex, Byte oder Bin).
11.) Enable oder disable the Autoscroll function (Autoscroll on, the content scroll to the last entry).
12.) Ascii string input line (write a stirng her for sending).
13.) Integer (int) input line (write a number her for sending).
14.) Send the Ascii or integer value to the microcontroller board. If CrLf (carriage line feed) checked, appends a chr(10) + chr(13).

The statusbar show the selected baudrate and comportname.
When receiving data, the "RxD" icon blinks.

You find a this example in Programino IDE example folder (File\Arduino Examples\Programino...).

Terminal special functions:
  • [#HOME#]                 ->    Cursor Home-Position
  • [#END#]                    ->    Cursor End-Postion
  • [#CLEAR#]                 ->    Clear the Terminal-Screen
  • [#SAVE#filename]       ->    Save the Terminal-Content

The LogFile.txt is saved under the Log-folder. You can rename this filename with any name.
This feature is very good for data-logging :-)


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