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PROGRAMINO IDE - Search-function

Programino IDE supports various search functions.
This significantly speeds up the search in the Arduino™ project.

  • Advanced search and replace function with regex option.
  • Advanced fast reference search function.

  • CTRL + F open the "Find" dialog.
  • CTRL + H open the "Find & Replace" dialog.

  • Search in Libraries: All installed libraries are searched for the keyword (However, this can take a while).

  • Search in Project: All files in the Project Explorer are searched for the keyword (External libraries are not searched).

  • Search in File: Only the current file is searched for the keyword.

The keywords found are displayed in the "Quicksearch" list. Double-click on it to open the file automatically.

  • Make a double click on a search result (Quick Search Tab).
  • Programino IDE jumps to this place.

If several keywords are found in a file, these can be visually highlighted with "Show Hints".
This provides a quick and clear overview.

The "Hints Marker" can be deleted again by clicking on "Clear Hints".

You can also enter a keyword or abbreviation in the "Quick Search" search field, e.g. if you are not sure what the keyword (command, name ...) is.
Programino will then display all similar terms.


Search for: "digi*" like "digitalWrite".

The "Quick Search" supports "*".

Search for: "*be" like "begin".

Search for: "*root*" like "handleroot".

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