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  • Easy RGB-Color selector for RGB-LEDs.

  • Load the Programino IDE - RGB LED sample (you find this sample in the Programino menu "Arduino Examples\Programino").
  • The picture below show the wiring. The resistor R1 to R3 must be adapted to the LED current (typically about 20 mA).
  • So that the individual color have about the same brightness, the values have to be adjusted.
  • Instead of a single RGB-LED, you could also drive a MOSFET or Transistor and connect power LEDs.

Typical LED voltages:
red                 ->  1,6V...2,2V
yellow, green   ->  1,9V...2,5V

R = (Ub - Uled) / Iled

  • The programmcode shows the RGB color picker function.
  • To control the LEDs in brightness they are connected to the PWM (Pulse-width modulation) outputs 9 to 11.

Learn more about the PWM-Signal:

  • The color picker generate a R,G,B array with values between 0 to 255.
  • This values representation the brightness of the colors, 0 is off and 255 is full brightness.
  • Have all LEDs a value of 255 then the LED color is white.

  • In this image you can see the function of the color mixing.

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