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PROGRAMINO IDE - How to install Libraries

1. Install Libraries with Programino Lib-Installer

  • Open the Lib-Installer "Arduino\Install Libraries"

  • Search for the right library with "Find:".
  • You can also use only initials or name fragments.
  • Each time you press Enter, the search jumps to a new hit.

  • On the left of the list you can select the library found with one click.
  • Then click on "Install selected library".
  • The library will now be installed.
  • You can observe the progress in the output window at the bottom right.
  • When the library has been installed, "Done!" appears there.

Info: Alternatively, you can also install the library as a ZIP if it is available.
The installation is the same as in the original Arduino™ IDE.

You can also install the libraries as usual via the Arduino™ IDE.
They are then available after a Programino IDE refresh with "F5".

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