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PROGRAMINO IDE - Hex-File Extraction

  • Easy extract and stores the hex file.
  • Ideal to creat a programming file for production.
  • This HEX file can be transferred with AVRDUDE or other Arduino bootloader tool on a board with a Arduino bootloader.

  • Open a Sketch and click the "Export to Arduino function" in the Programino IDE (or press the Key F11).
  • Now you see your Sketch in the original Arduino IDE is loaded.
  • Click in the original Arduino IDE the "Verify" button.

  • Click now in the Programino IDE "Sketch\Grape HEX File".

  • After successful import you see this dialog.

  • The Hex-File is now in your Sketch folder.
  • You can open this file with Programino IDE with a double click on this file for checking
  • This file can you download with a simple ISP-Programmer.

Learn more about ISP-Programming:

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