Programino-ide-arduino-first-test-V2 - Programino IDE for Arduino

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  • Now write your first program with the Programino IDE.
  • Write the following lines of code in the editor and save this into a folder you have chosen.


  • Programino asks if a project folder should be created.
  • Have the location not the same name we called the *.ino-file, you need to create these.
  • Click Yes/Ja to confirm.

Example: mySketch.ino must be stored in the folder "mySketch", is the same as in the Arduino™ IDe.

  • After saving, the project appears in the Project Explorer.

  • Now Choose your Arduino™ board.

  • Now Choose your comport where the board is connected.
  • If you do not know how the Comportnummer is, look in the Windows Device Manager.

  • Click on the "Verify & Upload" button or the key F9 for "verify" or F10 for "verify (compile) & upload".

  • Once the program has been successfully compiled and uploaded, the user LED is flashing.
  • If you have a syntax error or forgot a ;, Programino will show you where it is with the error tracer.

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