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PROGRAMINO IDE - Export Programino Sketch to Arduino IDE

  • For boards that are not yet supported, you can use the export function.
  • This feature is ideal for Arduino IDE versions that no command line support function have.
  • Ideal for older Arduino projects (Arduino IDE less 1.6 and *.pde files).

  • If you opened a Sketch in Programino IDE and clicking the selected Icon (red square), the Arduino IDE opens with this Sketch.
  • You can use this feature for the boards in Programino are not available yet to flash over the Arduino IDE.
  • If you set the Arduino IDE to "external editor", press the save button in Programino and the sketch is updated in the Arduino IDE and ready for verify and upload (use the Arduino IDE only for verify and upload) and programm your code in Programino IDE.
  • There is always the active Sketch open!

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