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PROGRAMINO IDE - Analog serial Plotter
  • The analog plotter is very easy to use.
  • He shows you the digital input values which are received via the UART directly.

1.) Connect and Disconnect to the Arduino board.
2.) Reset the Arduino board (make a new start).
3.) Top Most (the analog plotter is always in the foreground).
4.) Select the comport to connect with the Arduino board.
5.) Fast, Middle, Slow (plotter refresh time).
6.) RAW and VOLT (RAW = direct digital value, VOLT = calculate to voltage with 5V analog reference).
7.) Your own value unit (use a temp.-sensor write °C or °F in this textfield) this unit is shown in the graph.
8.) Zoom - Scale the value range from 1 to 2000.
9.) Offset - Value range from -2000 to +2000 (use this to make small signals with a DC offset visible).
10.) Min/Max range selected with (8).
11.) Shows the actual serial input value.
12.) Shows the mouse cursor digital value (value picker).
13.) Shows the mouse cursor time value (time picker).
14.) Analog graph line.
15.) Timeline.
16.) Show grid for a better value orientation.
17.) Shows the offset range seleced with (9).

19200 Baud is the fix baudrate of the analog plotter (use Serial.begin(19200) in the Sketch)!

Zoom and Offset function is only available when Input Value "RAW" is selected!

You can find a complete example in Programino IDE example folder (File\Arduino Examples\Programino...).

Use "Serial.println()" for sending data to the analog plotter.


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